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NSFW [14 Sep 2009|01:46pm]
the best thing i've seen in a while

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[10 Apr 2009|06:14pm]
do any of you guys use the instead cup? i have a ton of them left from when i could still use them, i would be glad to ship them off to you so i didnt have to throw them out. they are obviously still individually wrapped.
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[11 Mar 2009|10:38pm]
a couple of other random things:

i have had a horrible cramp in my left calf all day.

my string cheese is high school musical themed. i have no idea on any of the trivia questions listed on them.
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[11 Mar 2009|05:53pm]
things that suck right now:

work. my hours have been cut, and the hours that i do work i spend 75% of it on the floor. so none of my normal work is getting done.

my car. the check engine light came on this morning. i was due for an oil change anyway, so i went in and kindly asked the gentleman if he could check what the deal was. it was not the normal guy at my car place, and he informed me that i could get a diagnostic for 89.99. i asked if they couldnt just see what was causing the code. he said no, they can do that at autozone, but not there. i find it very hard to believe they dont have one of the code readers there. but i didnt argue. instead i told him they could check my oil and see if anything blaringly obvious and otherwise id just go. after i was done (they found something unrelated that is not even a safety issue), i went to autozone and the nice older gentleman working there checked it out for me. the code is the code that means anything from a lose or rotted hose to a loose fuel cap, to the evap canister being broke. all signs on the internets point to being able to drive it safely so im going to do that until i figure out what to do (which involves talking to mark, which we all know goes so damn well).

health. i have had the worst headaches lately. i dont know what the deal is. but it sucks ass.

my apartment complex. apparently me having a towel outside my apartment to dry on the railing is the biggest problem in the complex right now. in fact if i didnt remove it by this morning, they were going to "remove it for me" and charge me 25 dollars. the best part was they gave me the notice AFTER i had taken the towel in. fucking assholes.

things that are mildly ok.

im doing ok moneywise for once. if i have to get a bit of work on my car i might actually be able to afford it.

i did my taxes by myself.

im feeling very appreciated at the bookstore by the new boss, and things are even looking up (for now) at the sleep lab.

my cats have been super fucking cute and needy lately. i love it.

and i love my upstairs neighbors. they have really made the transition to living alone awesome, and its nice to be friends with people you might not normally be friends with.
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[04 Mar 2009|11:30pm]
i felt like cooking tonight....

here are the leftovers for tomorrows lunch.

lunch0209A 002
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[03 Mar 2009|04:14pm]
my boss called me back for an update on the store situation.  i am not losing my job.  i point blank asked if they were thinking about getting rid of full timers, and she said no (she is so matter of fact that i know she wouldnt lie), not that she has heard.  i do have to give up my status as keyholder, and also my security codes for the door, but i am NOT taking a pay cut.  which was my only concern.  the keys/codes are generally just going to make it harder for the other supervisors, and make them have to do more work.  i dont give a shit.

i feel a ton better.  she is so much more amazing than my last boss.  im so glad she got the job.

we talked for about 15 minutes about my other job, and she told me her girlfriend is going for a sleep study next week. 

im going to nap a bit before work now.
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[02 Mar 2009|10:08pm]
i am having serious worries about my job right now.  i have a bad bad feeling that something is going to happen.  my hours have been cut to 32. the bare minimum to remain full time.  but ive heard rumors that the "restructure" happening this week is going to get rid of all full time positions anyway.

i hate having to think about looking for another job.

i feel like puking.
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[22 Feb 2009|12:46pm]
strange happenings at the laundry-

this dude who is there every time go (every other sunday), was there when i got there.  two sundays ago i did laundry at a friend;s house as i was dogsitting for her, so i havent actually been in a month.  when i said hello to the dude, he totally snubbed me!!!  then later he seemed to feel bad, came in after taking his stuff to his car and told me to be careful on the ice and have a good afternoon.  so weird.

this other dude had a basket but instead of using it kept taking very small stacks to his car one at a time.  he also left his tighty whities on display while he went to the bathroom.  for ten minutes.  yes, literally ten minnutes.  WITH READING MATERIAL from the waiting area.  and then he left the material in there.  and it was shape magazine.  with some hot blonde lady on the cover.  color me skeeved.

weird bathroom dude also did NOT clean off his lint traps.  the little asian lady who is there the whole time came over after him and pointedly cleaned the traps in front of him.  then i watched him leave the rest of them full of gross lint/hair after he was done.  when he was taking his small stacks to his car.  ugh.

right when i was leaving (i was there later than normal), a very cute chubby dude came in.  with a lot of stuff.  and a book.  i might have to start going later.  :)

i am getting frustrated with people on OKC who seem nice for like a day or two and then turn into freaks. 

i went to dollar general for the first time in YEARS yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised.  i might be a convert.  its right near my house.
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yes, yes, a million times yes! [31 Jan 2009|01:41am]

thank you ejw829 !!

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[25 Jan 2009|11:43pm]
i joined facebook.

i give in to peer pressure too easily.

i added some people, but anyone who wants to add me, phuzzydee@gmail.com
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[25 Jan 2009|01:22pm]
im so dumb.

i leave my laundry soap and dryer sheets in the trunk of my car, in a little crate with some other stuff, just because i always have ot go to the mat to do laundry, so whats the point of dragging stuff in if im just going to drag it back out.

apparently, the point is so that my laundry soap doesnt freeze into a giant ice cube. ha.

i had already gotten to the place, got all of my items in the washers, and got my dollars changed into quarters. i go to pour my soap, and no way was it happening. so my choice was to run to a store to buy a fresh bottle, or to just use the old school laundry soap dispenser on the wall to buy boxes of powder soap. i did the latter.

all was well and good, unti i pulled my scrubs out of the dryer (i had washed and dried them with my jeans). somehow, a chunk of powder was lodged...who nkows where, so when it went into the dryer...basically specs of soap got baked into scrubs (both sets, both pieces). the jeans were fine, somehow. so i had to rewash the scrubs.

also, i forgot to put dryer sheets in with my bedding (i did it in the giant capacity washer, and dryer). and so the fleece blankets, are a giant ball of static.

annnnnd also it started to snow so hard that i had to brush off my car before putting the stuff in there, once done, and again after waiting for the scrubs to dry after rewashing them. yes, 30 minutes in teh snow deemed my car undrivable until re-brushed. wow.

i think ill stay inside the rest of the day. at least i got my coupons clipped.
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[25 Jan 2009|10:15am]
friday night, i went out drinking with brienne, after work.  we went to vaquero's near borders, and were surprised to learn that they are moving!! we each had four margaritas, and a giant amount of food (we split a full size chicken nacho, some bean dip, and lots of sour cream).  then, in our buzzed state we decided to go to the smoking shop also near borders.  to get clove cigarettes.  and then we proceeded to smoke some, in the store.  the guy who sold us the cigs tried to convince us to come chill with the old men in the back room smoking cigars, but we passed on that.  i drove her by bryan's "house."  we stopped into borders to visit tricia for a while.  then i took her home, visited with her cats, got my xmas gift from her mom, and she showed me facebook and begged me to join.  still on the fence.

when i got home, i read a while and went to sleep around 12.  kept waking up every hour to go to the bathroom, and not sleep for some reason.  one of my good online friends was in an accident friday morning and i finally caught up with him at 4 am, online, to get the details.  then i was up until 8.  i havent done that in forever.  then i went back to sleep, and woke up at...eleven maybe?  weird. 

i cooked turkey breast and stuffing in teh crock pot yesterday.  i also went ot the library to get movies i havent watched yet.  cleaned my bathroom a little bit.  cleaned off the dining room table (half way).  did some bills.  took another nap.  waterpik'ed my teeth.  that waterpik might be the best thing ive bought in a while. 

woke up this morning, heard crazy car noises outside.  looked out, one of my upstairs neighbors (teresa, the older one), was trying to get her car to start.  it was sputtering, backfiring, and generally smoking from the exhaust.  she was trying to take the lady who lives right above me (elvia, whom i made tamales with a while back), to work.  i opened my window and told her to give me a few minutse to put a shirt on and brush my teeth, and i would drive her.  and i did.  and i got a coffee.  and now i am raring to go, to do my laundry.  i think ill drag my bedding with me too, and change my bed today.

at the sleep lab i have to be able to do a full seizure hookup by next thursday.  ive seen one done.  and this is something that is hard to learn from paperwork.  it pisses me off. and part of me wants ot just say screw it, but i think anyone whoi knows me knows i am not that way.  im far too responsible.

they have been showing the 2 bedroom apt next to me to lots of people this weeekend.  wonder if im getting new neighbors soon.  i hope they are cool. 

i only have two twitter followers you guys, someone else needs to add me before i have a meltdown.

thats all for now.
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i have given in [18 Jan 2009|10:44pm]
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[17 Jan 2009|11:59pm]
dream- i had a dream the other morning that i was hanging out with my one exes wife, and for some reason we didnt want him to know, and we kept looking out the window to see if he was coming home and one of us made some comment about how it used to be her i was hiding a relationship from, and now it was him. so bizarre.

dinner/shopping.-i went to dinner at vaqueros and then shopping with marliss last night. it was relaxing and totally unplanned and nice. i need to stop being so anti social. she drug me to walmart and i spent too much, and as much as i hate being there it honestly wasnt as bad as every other time ive been there. i think the cold kept a lot of people away and i honestly didnt hate it as much as i normally do. i have to confess i was at one last weekend too. i also went to bath and body works and spent 40 dollars on clearance stuff. and when i went to get checked out i noticed i (unknowingly) bought three of every type of item i was buying. weird.

tonsil stone- in between the shopping excursion and the movie i decided to go see with marliss and sam i had my first experience with a tonsil stone. it was disgusting, and weird, and now i am totally paranoid about having them all the time.

milk-we went to see milk, which i thought was awesome, and i didnt get upset thru the whole thing but for some reason at the end, when they were showing real footage of the people portrayed in the film, and they showed about 30 seconds of harvey just laughing (without the sound, just over the closing music) i totally lost it. like sobbing in the middle of the theater lost it. hormonal.

diner-after the movie we went to the 24 hour diner semi-near my house. the food was good, but the service was shoddy. but it always makes me slightly uncomfortable when my dining partners like, loudly talk about shoddy service, or announce their plans to not tip someone. blah.

today- i lounged, slept, and read all day. played games online. tonight i went to drug mart, then to target, in search of a waterpik (for oral health and also in response to my tonsillolith), and other items. i also went to cane's to get my free box meal before my coupon expired. they are putting so much new shit up my polaris, its going to get even crazier trafficwise.

i think im headed to bed soon. i wish i updated more. i feel like things would make more sense to you guys, and also to me, if i actually chronicled my life a bit better.
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[04 Dec 2008|05:45pm]
my insurance isnt going to pay for my car to get fixed.

i dont have collision insurance. unbeknownst to me. i just took over this policy from my parents paying for it, and assumed i had what i needed. i guess its pretty standard to NOT have collision if your car is paid off? (like 3 people said that to me, so who knows).

the claims agent told me she was going to try to get me covered under the uninsured motorists clause, but since the person at fault for the accident took off and its not identifyable as not having insurance, they will not include me.

she told me i can try to get the other guy's (the guy who actually hit me) insurance to pay for it, but it is likely they will deny the claim, saying he is not at fault (since the woman hit him causing him to run into me). i point blank asked her, if someone came to them (statefarm) with a claim like that, if they would deny it. and she said yes.

i stopped by my normal car fixing place today to just have them check to see if there was any damage other than visual. i am thankful that there isnt, everything is "cosmetic." the amazing gentleman there also gave me the name of a guy that he rec's people too, its out way past where iw ork, in between dublin and plain city, but i may go get an estimate anyway from him. especially considering i stopped by the place that fixed kellys car after her accident, to get an estimate, and although the guy there was super super super nice....the price he quoted me almost made me shit my pants.


yes, that is over one thousand dollars. it is all itemized on the estimate, but iknow just the one piece, the bumper, is 250 alone, without any labor. and its more than just that that is fucked up.

so i dont know what im going to do. other than cry.

when the insurance lady called me at work today (she called this morning and left a VM and i called back with my work number), i eventually started to cry. one of the younger boys i work with saw me (twice) crying, talking ot her and then to my mom, and he went and privately told one of the ladies i work with to please come check on me. i thanked him later and said "i bet you didn't peg me as a cry-baby" and he said "i still don't" and winked. awww how cute.

but seriously, this blows.

pics of the damage behind the cut. columbus area people, advice, rec's, whatever welcome. you know someone who can fix this in a ghetto manner, hook me up.

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[03 Dec 2008|09:05pm]
i got in a car accident. 

i am fine.

my car is drivable.

i was completely stopped.  two other people were involved.  one of them (the woman who was at fault) skipped the scene.  the other kid (the one who was in the middle), his car is not even drivable. 

i just hate dealing with all the crap that comes with this.  insurance and car fixing etc.

 i am feeling extremely alone right now too, for some reason.  that doesnt make this any easier, because of course im sitting here just fixating about it.  not like there is anything i can do other than wait.
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[27 Nov 2008|08:46pm]
hi everyone. and happy turkey day if you celebrate it.

did everyone see the parade rick roll?! awesome.

i spent the day alone again this year, just how i like it. i woke up early to start my turkey breast in the crock pot, went out and got coffee and a paper, watched the parade and vegged out all day.

when dinner was ready, i watched mad hot ballroom, and then i took a nap, then after that i watched orwell rolls in his grave, which i just finished up.

i work a long shift tomorrow, and we open early, so im going to bed soon.

pictures of my foodCollapse )
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[15 Nov 2008|11:12pm]
ive been obsessed with documentaries this weekend.

last night i watched "we are dad"

today i watched "murderball," "so goes the nation," and "sicko."

i also saw my one ex at the grocery store (did not talk to him), and made a nice dinner for myself in the crock pot.

i've already started debating my resolutions for next year, and still am toying with doing 101 things in 1001 days instead.
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[03 Nov 2008|11:07pm]
spent about an hour and a half with my sample ballot that i printed off at work going through the issues/candidates for smaller offices and reading all about them and making my choices.

planning on getting to the polling place at opening time and hopeflly not having to wait too long, since im supposed to be at work at seven (they already know i will be voting before work and will likely be late)

i had a wild weekend as i ended up drinking with my upstairs neighbors.

im reading lullaby by chuck palahniuk.
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twitter [26 Oct 2008|09:08pm]
should i join?
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