dee (phuzzydee) wrote,

my insurance isnt going to pay for my car to get fixed.

i dont have collision insurance. unbeknownst to me. i just took over this policy from my parents paying for it, and assumed i had what i needed. i guess its pretty standard to NOT have collision if your car is paid off? (like 3 people said that to me, so who knows).

the claims agent told me she was going to try to get me covered under the uninsured motorists clause, but since the person at fault for the accident took off and its not identifyable as not having insurance, they will not include me.

she told me i can try to get the other guy's (the guy who actually hit me) insurance to pay for it, but it is likely they will deny the claim, saying he is not at fault (since the woman hit him causing him to run into me). i point blank asked her, if someone came to them (statefarm) with a claim like that, if they would deny it. and she said yes.

i stopped by my normal car fixing place today to just have them check to see if there was any damage other than visual. i am thankful that there isnt, everything is "cosmetic." the amazing gentleman there also gave me the name of a guy that he rec's people too, its out way past where iw ork, in between dublin and plain city, but i may go get an estimate anyway from him. especially considering i stopped by the place that fixed kellys car after her accident, to get an estimate, and although the guy there was super super super nice....the price he quoted me almost made me shit my pants.


yes, that is over one thousand dollars. it is all itemized on the estimate, but iknow just the one piece, the bumper, is 250 alone, without any labor. and its more than just that that is fucked up.

so i dont know what im going to do. other than cry.

when the insurance lady called me at work today (she called this morning and left a VM and i called back with my work number), i eventually started to cry. one of the younger boys i work with saw me (twice) crying, talking ot her and then to my mom, and he went and privately told one of the ladies i work with to please come check on me. i thanked him later and said "i bet you didn't peg me as a cry-baby" and he said "i still don't" and winked. awww how cute.

but seriously, this blows.

pics of the damage behind the cut. columbus area people, advice, rec's, whatever welcome. you know someone who can fix this in a ghetto manner, hook me up.



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